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Our Team

We are a group of compassionate leaders

We share a strong desire to bring positive change to an area that has touched each of our lives in a different way. We are changing the conversation around alcohol use disorder from black and white judgments to understanding of the individual and constructive harm reduction. Bringing together the best that science and technology have to offer, we are raising the standard for alcohol use disorder treatment.

Our mission is to improve treatment for alcohol use disorder on a grand scale by bringing the same scientific approach to alcohol use disorder that has existed in other areas of the medical community for decades. We take results seriously and hold ourselves to a high standard. Our method was assembled by combining elements based on what clinical evidence shows is the most effective. We took an in-depth understanding of those pieces and created a sequence that maximizes the effectiveness for each client. Finally, we stripped out every non-essential element from the sequence in order to offer our treatment at a price that makes it more accessible to those who need it most.

  • Lindsay Killam

    Clinical Program Director

    As the Clinical Program Director, Lindsay strives to help our clients foster purpose, meaning, and connection in their lives. She leads a team of licensed professionals who practice evidence-based and client-centred care.

    Lindsay holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia. As a Registered Social Worker, she has specialized in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders for over a decade.

    She has also been a leader in program development in non-profit and public health services. Lindsay is a strong advocate for harm reduction policies and practices that make treatment options available to all individuals.

  • Dr. Diane Rothon

    Medical Director

    As Medical Director, Dr. Diane Rothon brings experience, compassion, and visionary leadership to the Alavida team.
    Dr. Rothon’s training and expertise in Addiction Medicine span over 25 years, placing her front-and-centre throughout the devastating community epidemics of substance abuse ranging from alcohol to fentanyl, including as former Chief Coroner of British Columbia.

    Dr. Rothon is an Associate at the Centre for Addiction Research of BC, a former member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons’ Methadone Maintenance Panel, and a presenter at College of Physicians and Surgeons medical training workshops.

  • Elliot Stone

    Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO of Alavida Health, Elliot brings a new perspective to the world of addiction medicine. After tireless research into alternatives to conventional alcohol treatment, Elliot pulled together world leading clinicians and researchers to create a treatment experience that puts the patient first. He brings a focused direction to providing evidence-based, collaborative care in a non-judgmental environment. Elliot spent 7 years living and working abroad before returning to Canada. His time outside gave him a unique perspective on developing better care alternatives for those suffering with addiction issues.

    Elliot is passionate about affecting positive change and his personal family history of affected loved ones has instilled in him the drive to change the way that people think about alcohol treatment.

  • Dr. Terri-Lynn MacKay

    Psychology Advisor

    Dr. MacKay is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has specialized in the treatment and research of mental health and addictive disorders since 2003.She leads a team of licensed professionals who practice client-centered, compassionate, evidence-based care. .

    She is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and the University of Manitoba. She is an active contributor to her community through volunteer activities such as Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

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