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The Science

How it all works

1) Drinking

When you drink alcohol endorphins are released in your brain.

2) Endorphin Release

These endorphins flow along a path and are received by receptors and the behavior is reinforced. This process is called positive reinforcement and this is the way that you learn.

3) Superhighways

In some cases, due to genetics, or life events people’s brains are very good at this process of learning when it comes to drinking. For these people, those pathways for endorphins turn into superhighways and we say the person is addicted.

4) Blocking Endorphins

Our treatment uses targeted medication to block the receptors in the brain from reinforcement when the client drinks. This results in the gradual unlearning of the drinking behavior.

5) PAthways

In other words, we turn those superhighways back into pathways

6) Normal Life

so excessive drinkers can once again live a life like anyone else without the disruption of alcohol addiction.


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